Areas of Expertise

At Pelegrin Management Services we know about a lot of things, but we specialize in:


We advise governments in organizational restructuring and public sector reform. We support governments and agencies in their initiatives to build stronger democratic societies, incorporate democratic and transparent practices and consolidate innovation in the public sector.

Our work is aimed at reinforcing the rule of law, improving public service delivery and increasing transparency and accountability at the different administration levels.

Private Sector Development

We advise governments and agencies in the design and implementation of a business-friendly environment, promote entrepreneurship and strengthen Micro and SMEs fabric. Our work is aimed at simplifying regulatory and policy framework for Micro and SMEs creation, removing barriers to their growth and development, and boosting SMEs’ competitiveness.

Innovation and Breakthrough

We advise private and public organizations in the preparation and management of their innovation projects, writing project proposals, building strong consortia, and bringing in the creativity and passion for a successful outcome.

Our strength is finding innovative solutions for current societal challenges in the fields of governance, rural and migration.

Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

We advise governments and agencies, as well as the social partners, and civil society organizations in the design and implementation of their employment promotion and social inclusion policies.

Our work is aimed at contributing to building a more inclusive and fairer society, supporting education and training for employment, and improving quality of public services at national and subnational levels.

Civil Society and 3rd Sector Development

We support decision and policy makers in the strengthening of civil society fabric and creating space for dialogue as well as building a more participative society.

We support civil society organizations, NGOs and community-based organizations CBOs in searching for funding for their projects, planning their interventions and strengthening their management capacities.

Strategic Planning and Business Process Reengineering

We advise corporate entities and governments and public agencies in preparing their strategies, assess their processes and structures to reach increased efficiencies and effectiveness, reduce waste and stimulate productivity and motivation.


[…] that with which we reach the truth and never err (…), are Science, Good Judgement, Wisdom and Comprehension.”.