About Us

Our Job, Our Passion

Pelegrin Management Services S.L. is a consultancy firm based in Madrid providing technical and advisory services to private and public institutions worldwide.

Pelegrin MS gathers a team of professionals in the fields of international development and cooperation, management of research and innovation projects and corporate business management solutions.

We work alongside teams and stakeholders to enable decision makers, strengthen institutions and empower staff and individuals to meet their defined needs.

With more than 20 years of experience on our shoulders, and through our wealth of experience and solid track record, we are able to provide organizations worldwide with effective solutions to the challenges they encounter.


To be surprised is to start understanding.
Ortega y Gasset

Maria Pelegrín McCarthy

Partner & Senior Consultant

Maria is the founder of Pelegrin Management Services. María is a political scientist holding a degree in Social Anthropology and a Master in International Development and Cooperation.

María has long standing experience in the management of all sorts of projects financed under different multilateral and national funding agencies. Those that she has enjoyed best are the ones dealing with social inclusion, migration, employment policies, public administration reform and improving governance.

Passionate about international affairs, development, innovation, and in recent years business process reengineering, Maria is responsible for managing the business and providing strategic advice to clients and beneficiaries.

“I have been very fortunate to be able to develop my career in what I most enjoy. I wanted to bring together under Pelegrin Management Services the team and network of outstanding professionals with whom I have worked throughout the years and provide organisations and partners the best of services”.

The Team

Ana Ramos

Ana is a young professional specializing in the management of European funded technical assistance and grants projects. She has studied in the most prestigious international schools such as Institute d’ Études Politiques in Bordeaux and College d’Europe in Natolin.

Her career has been linked to the management of projects in the field of innovation and mobility, sustainable tourism and sustainable economic development.

She is now working in our European Funds department supporting the preparation of Horizon 2020 proposals and other
grants for our clients and beneficiaries.

Judy Pelegrin

Judy is a Senior Consultant for Agriculture and Rural development. She is an agronomist with long standing career in the field of crops and crop production and exportation.

For many years she has been in charge of studies and research of the wheat sector in Spain and been part of the team at certification organizations establishing quality standards for exportation and production of cereals.

She has been involved in improving quality of olive oil production at cooperatives in the South of Spain.

She is now providing advisory services for Horizon 2020 proposals under the topic of Rural Renaissance and SPS.

Marta Muriel

Marta is a Senior Consultant specialising in Environment and Climate Change. She has worked for major engineering firms as Environment Project Director in the Industry and Energy sectors.

She has been responsible for water management related projects under FEDER

Marta is supporting the preparation of technical assistance proposals in the field of
environment, climate change and resilience.